Realistic physics engine

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This game has been designed using GameSalad. GameSalad is an authoring tool developed by Gendai Games for composing games, utilizing visual editors and a behavior-based logic system. It is used by consumers and creative professionals such as graphic designers, animators, and game developers for rapidly prototyping, building and self-publishing cross-platform games and interactive media.

GameSalad is utilizes a rigid-body physics simulator for handling realistic motion and collision. GameSalad has an expression editor to define complex behavior and state changes with mathematical expressions and a library of functions.

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Bronco Pinball HD

Game and web design

Dr. Jose R. Castello


Kevin MacLeod (

Other Contributors

Pinball Textures: Popotte
based on a compilation by David Gersic
Spanish/English Traslation:
Dr. Jose R. Castello
Tester: Alex Castello Jr.

This game uses

Gamesalad beta, game creation for the rest of us
Autodesk 3ds Max 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS5

Special Thanks

Future Pinball, which inspired this game, developed by Christopher Leathley.
Thanks to Gamesalad Community and Forum.
Thanks to my wife and children.