There are two main goals, completing the A, B, and C rollovers and completing the three drop targets. There are three secondary goals, collecting the Extra Ball, maximizing the Bonus count, and collecting the Special.


Press the lower left and right part of the screen to control the flippers.
Press in the spring area to control the spring.
The table can be tilted by shaking your iPad. but not too much or you’ll tilt.
Tap on the top of the screen to pause or resume your game.

A-B-C Rollovers

Roll the ball over the rollover switches marked with A, B, and C lamps. When complete, the end of ball Bonus is doubled (4X for the last ball).

Drop Targets and Extra Ball

Knocking down all three drop targets lights the Extra Ball feature, but only sometimes. There are two Extra Ball lights on the playfield, at the Left Ball Kickout Rollover, and one at the Right Ball Kickout Rollover.


Once all three drop targets are down, and the A-B-C Rollovers are complete.
An extra ball is collected.

End of Ball Bonus

When the ball drains the current Bonus ammount shown by the playfield Bonus
lights will be added to the current score.


Get the Drop Targets to light the Extra Ball. Get the Extra Ball. Then get the bonus multiplier via the A-B-C Rollovers. Then hit the Left and Right saucers to run the Bonus up. Try to get the playfield Special if possible.

Bronco Pinball HD

Game and web design

Dr. Jose R. Castello


Kevin MacLeod (

Other Contributors

Pinball Textures: Popotte
based on a compilation by David Gersic
Spanish/English Traslation:
Dr. Jose R. Castello
Tester: Alex Castello Jr.

This game uses

Gamesalad beta, game creation for the rest of us
Autodesk 3ds Max 2010
Adobe Photoshop CS5

Special Thanks

Future Pinball, which inspired this game, developed by Christopher Leathley.
Thanks to Gamesalad Community and Forum.
Thanks to my wife and children.